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Hi – I’m Mark Williams. A few years ago, I set up Wyeden to free myself from the life of a Corporate Soldier to do the things I really enjoy doing… Helping People (Help Themselves) Work Together, Make a Difference, Make an Impact…with their Business, their People or their clients’ Business IT Application Solutions improvement and delivery challenges.

Through Wyeden, I provide Business & IT Project / Change Advice, Coaching, Consultancy, Delivery and Training Services. I'm supported by Jayne, who provides the Operational & Admin activities.


I’ve a partnership with to provide affordable Advice, Coaching, Consultancy, Training and Solutions in Microsoft SQL Server & Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power BI to help SME’s - Large organisations get the most of their investment.

Mine and Gethyn’s view is that SME’s need the same / similar Help, Solutions and Technology as larger corporates (albeit right sized) however often find it difficult to justify either the full-time or project / training / technology Know how to optimise and enhance their investment in their People, Data Platform and IT Solutions. Our goal is to provide Expert skill, at an Affordable price, and in a Flexible way to do just that. Over the years we’ve built up a small trusted set of associates, we can draw upon if needed.


In my early career I spent c10 years in IT Solutions Sales, gaining considerable commercial, solutions and stakeholder management experience. I switched to Delivery and c25 years later, now have c10 years’ experience delivering Suppliers’ Solutions to Clients and 10+ years’ experience Implementing Solutions and Embedding Change for Clients.


As a result, I'm now a highly versatile “all-rounder”, equally comfortable operating at Project, Programme or Solutions Lead, with a collaborative approach and a proven ability to bridge Business and IT, particularly on initiatives with “multiple moving parts”.


I've considerable Transformation & Delivery knowledge and expertise in:

  • Sales, Service & Finance / Payment Operations solutions e.g. CRM / ERP

  • Channels to Markets e.g. Digital / E-Commerce; Contact Centres; Post & Print

  • Case, Data, Document, Workflow Management

  • Cloud, Infrastructure to support above, e.g. Office 365, Azure, Data Centres, WAN, LAN.


and, considerable Consultancy experience in:

  • Programme, Project / Business Strategy Alignment & Assurance

  • Solutions Architecture Roadmaps (e.g. Digital, CRM, Cloud)

  • RFP’s / Supplier Selection

  • Strategic IT & Contract / SLA Reviews.


I’ve held Management, Executive and Non-Executive positions, in organisations from small to large, gaining real practical insight into how to help any size meet the challenges of “Keeping the Lights on” and/or Transforming their Operations through innovative use of IT. I’ve experience in Financial Services (Investments, Pensions, Insurance, Banking); Utilities; Public Sector (Housing, Care, Rev's & Ben's, Health, HMRC); Not for Profit (Membership); Legal; ICT and Outsourcing.

If you’d like to chat further, please get in touch.

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