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Here’s February’s offering…in my series of fun graphics that infer or provide insightful meaning…similar to last month’s “Get Clarity”, but with a nod to when many organisations are either 1 month in or just waiting to “kick-off” their new year, this month’s Wyeden mantra is get FOCUSed, with a classic from marketoonist, cheers.

If you need help with Prioritisation, Roadmaps, Health Checks or good ole Programme delivery, feel free to get in touch. The mad March share will be with you soon.

If you’d like to hear more from Wyeden and/or our partnership with…such as the things we’re up to, things we find interesting, the offers we have on what we do, the capable Project / Change / Technical associates who could offer you some value please click the links and sign up.

ps will be running some great on line Auzre course in May (Fundamentals and Admin), watch out for the early bird offers due next week I'm told.

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