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In 2019 I ran #NOTCALENDARGIRLS_#CALENDARPROJECTS, a monthly series of “fun/motivation” blogs / posts. Partly to offer some free technique advice, partly for fun and partly to see if I could keep up the posts for 12 months! With a double Xmas issue, I got there! The series is on Wyeden if you want to check back.

For 2020 I’m doing #FUNWITHINSIGHT, a monthly series of Fun Graphics, that infer or provide insightful meaning, that have caught my eye over the years. I'll aim to credit those I can remember.

Each month I’m going to post that month’s graphic, for a bit of fun and a bit of motivational reflection. If you’d like to hear more from Wyeden and our partnership with, click the link and sign up.

Playing catch up for January so first one in a few days…February’s towards the end of the month!

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