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That was the 10's...this could be the 20's?

Well…that was the 10's! Some good, some not, some just in-between. Coming to the end of month 1, could this be the 20's? We'll see. Here’s me reflecting, crystal ball gazing and, at the end, suggesting what clients might value from what our offer.

Earlier on, finally left corporate soldier life. Having completed a major 3-4 year Digital & Operating Model Transformation (ERP / CRM…), ventured into Contract & Consultancy…and frankly haven't looked back, well I'm not going that way am I! 😊

Firstly, aligning with this firms refocus, delivered a business unit demerger, office closure, a "3 firm" strategic IT review in merger preparation, a Case Management turnaround, a CRM refresh & sorted DR.

Moving on, tried hard to steady an outsourcer ship as best as was able; had a minor health scare. 12 years in, gave up enjoyable Non Exec “Housing Care Group” role (you can’t do everything!); formed Wyeden!

Offspring went, came back, 1 went again, some still haven't moved out! Mortgage sorted.😊 More health & fitness focus, some positives, but “could do better”, "Us" time improved (1 of main Wyeden reasons).

Ending the 10's...several major deliveries. A Dynamics CRM / ERP / Digital Transformation Turnaround; GDPR ( didn’t everyone!), Data Discovery RFP, Office 365 / Azure Design &Plan; recovered a Salesforce and Data Integration delivery.

Soft launched partnership, focusing on SQL / Azure - Consultancy;Health, Performance and Monitoring solutions; Training (unashamed certified Azure Fundamentals course plug here!)

Delivered a CRM & Cloud migration strategic options assessment alongside getting to grips with another Dynamics / Digital CRM / ERP recovery. Seem to be making a habit here.

Into the 20’s…the Dynamics CRM & Case Management recovery continues and, before ski hols, helped facilitate an Open Space Technology workshop helping start to align clients' Business Strategies, Business Systems & IT. Where will that go…who knows? (I’d love to help, they have great purpose) (#tech4good).

The partnership is starting to take shape, lots of events & training scheduled (some free, some not) as well as the SQL Server Performance tune up’s, Azure Migrations and Database health monitoring capailities. Hop over to if you want to know more.

Back at home…a major downstairs kitchen/ dining room / sun lounge job is in requirement finalisation / design stage, aiming to deliver this summer…and we need to plan more holidays (once we’ve skied).

Looking forwards…will the market change with the impending legislation? Maybe alongside the “delivery” work, shorter parallel engagements, perhaps around Portfolio / Strategy Prioritisation & Alignment, Programme / Project Health checks or Audit Assurances or Business Solutions Roadmap / Architecture advice might well occur more often. Frankly I think many clients could well be better served by engaging in a "Statement of Work” as opposed to just time. Again we’ll see.

All I really know is that change is constant so hopefully the opportunities will be there.

At some point I guess that word will come up. No, not the “B” word (had enough of that…just deliver promises please!), the “R” word. Maybe no one will want the value I hope I offer and “working less / not at all” will come sooner than I think!

So why have I written this? Partly because I wanted to, partly to try to explain the value offered (getting to that) and partly, well, maybe there’ll be some interest generated…we’ll see!

So what’s the story? It’s this. Yes there is lots of experience, Yes there is lots of tech knowledge, Yes I offer a “translation service” between Business and IT! And hence Yes there is lots of genuine Business change outcomes delivered.

But perhaps more importantly it’s the “how”. Here is my IPR, freely delivered during engagements! Here’s what you get...

* Be honest and polite…speak the truth…as you see it.

* Get as much clarity as you can….seek to understand before seeking to be understood

* Seek pace and momentum…“for each dawn I die”

* Balance & pragmatism is often the key…use your judgement.

* Plan, Do, Check and Act....its the ultimate success formula

* Focus on Doing the Right Things…before worrying about doing them right.

* Focus on Outcomes…”start with the end in mind”


And remember…it all comes down to L.U.C.K. 😊





If any of this sparks interest…head over to and contact us, connect with a LinkedIn message or follow me on Twitter.

If you’ve got here…thanks for reading! I do like 3 dot ellipses! 😊😊😊

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