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"Why in the UK…is it culturally Not Acceptable to Not be busy"?

How many of us feel like this? What are your thoughts?

Does there need to be #thebigshift on this?

All Like and Comments very welcome from anyone in the world of #businessandmanagement

Having finished Series 1 of The P.H.I.T podcast (Putting the Human back Into Technology), and whilst we wait for Series 2, Gethyn Ellis and I thought we'd revisit some of the Series 1 Archives…and pull out some questions whilst we compile some of the highlights…

So here's David Rawle from Bytes Software Services talking about his career and, amongst many other interesting things, why / how people should fit thinking time into their day.

So If you want to jump in without listening to it all...

c4.10+ mins "how to keep up…with the rate of change"

c12 min+ in "fit thinking time into your day"

c18+ mins in "cost and value are not the same thing"

c27.30 mins in "the hardest thing is getting quality data input"

If you do head over to our You Tube channel / Website's (links in comments hopefully), we'd similarly much appreciate any likes and particularly subscriptions if you're interested in our current and future content. We know these first few interviews are a bit too long for most and in part that's why we intend to provide some "bite sized highlights" for you soon. No pun intended!

Hopefully you'll get as much from this as we did.

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