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GROUP FD, Not for Profit

Having worked with Mark before, he was my first choice to help bring clarity  and confidence that we would find solutions to our challenges. From the moment we engaged, this proved to be completely the case.

Process & Change Director, Insurance

Mark worked with us to develop a delivery model for implementing change in our organisation. 


He provided patient and considerate mentorship to a relatively inexperienced project manager, furnishing our organisation with a methodology and suite of tools and templates that will allow us to successfully deliver improvement and change. 


Mark’s guiding hand was invaluable and he is a pleasure to work with.  I can’t thank him enough for all he did.

Head of Data, Financial Services

"...its been a pleasure working with you ...I have genuinely enjoyed it, thank you for listening and following through with the doing bit much appreciated and fairly rare nowadays. You’d be welcome back so if you ever short of a contract give me a shout"

Director of Finance & Business Enablement, Membership NFP

"I learned so much from you from your rare business skill of being able to hold both the “big picture” and “detail” at the same time, but also a real people focus and being able to inspire confidence and deliver."

"Guiding light, helping hand and a shoulder to cry on!  


Through a turn of events, overnight, I became project lead on an ERP implementation…Mark very quickly became my guide, sounding board, confidant and coach. I learned a lot from Mark…I'll most definitely miss the weekly chats that allowed me to destress and prioritise"

Mark was the first person who came to mind when my project was failing. 


He guided me and my organisation to complete a thorough analysis of the business case and benefits of a system we were trying to implement.  He ensured that we asked the right questions at every point and added an objective view point when we were too close to the details. 


Mark provided constructive challenge during his time with us and assisted me in convincing our Board that a complete change of direction was required. 


It was a pleasure working with Mark and I consider him a trusted advisor.

CEO, Software Provider

"I’ve said this before , but I’ll say it again...your involvement and approach to this programme was the single most instrumental thing both organisation’s needed to get this over the line"

Managing Director, Not For Profit

I'd like to thank you for all of the effort you’ve put in to supporting us this year. For me too your approach and attitude has been really supportive, and I’ve enjoyed working with you.

Business Analyst, Membership

"Thoroughly enjoyed working with you again, I feel like I have learnt a lot and developed further under your guidance and thank you for that.

Corporate Relations Manager

Take care, its been a delight working with you. Always appreciate your honesty and openness"

"...thanks for all you have done and hope you have some easier contracts in the pipeline"

"Best of luck, you are awesome!"

"It’s been really great working with you, I think you know how highly you’re thought of by those of us who worked on the upgrade and I’m sure those feelings extend outside of that core team. You came in with quite a reputation and you didn’t disappoint.


I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from you and you’re a lot of fun to work with but most importantly you know how to deliver! "

CRM Support Analyst, Health

Fundraising and Communications Manager

Group Secretary

Head of Operations, Logistics

IT Director, Insurance

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